• planning and execution of music productions or live concert recordings, also audio4video using high-end portable recording-equipment and on-site supervision in specially selected concert halls, churches or studios
  • if desired, advice on the choice of the most suitable recording venue for your repertoire, as well as help in the selection of repertoire and information on acoustical matters and questions of performance
  • multitrack recording on hard-disc up to 26 separate tracks, musical supervision / recording supervision using a score, playback at the recording location in discussion with the performers
  • editing with all necessary correction procedures, mixing & mastering of recordings in stereo or surround
  • large-scale portable productions / live concert recordings / live mixing (more than 26 tracks / surround sound / video) can be executed in cooperation with suppliers of recording vehicles (mixing console, suitable surround loudspeaker setup) or other sound engineers / companies
  • cooperation with recording studios for technically demanding audio productions which require a mixing console or separate recording rooms
  • mastering as stereo CD if desired, ready for pressing and including CD tracklist (TOC – Table of Contents), CD text, EAN, ISRC and label code, or alternatively as mp3 files for distribution on the internet; audio with video for a video-DVD or in formats suitable for the internet
  • - procuring of offers for CD pressing of up to 250 units, or from alternative suppliers for larger orders, including GEMA including GEMA registration and invoicing
  • procuring of label offers, with or without distribution deals or internet sales
  • contracted productions for music labels or music production companies
  • productions in cooperation with broadcasting companies
  • restoration and digitalisation of analogue audio material (audiotape, gramophone records, cassettes)
  • PA design / set-up and supervision from the score, in cooperation with relevant companies

Areas of expertise

  • classical music of all periods and styles
  • instrumental music
  • vocal music, choral music
  • orchestral music
  • Early Music from the Renaissance to Baroque
  • brass ensembles
  • church music, organ music, collaboration with church music directors
  • piano music
  • crossover to jazz and other styles
  • music in combination with text or sound design
  • music with video
  • film music

Quote for services

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